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Apple watch compatible steel bracelet loop cord is made of quality steel material. It has a single pod style. Ideal for everyday use. Classic lovers can easily use it in their work environment. Thanks to its butterfly locking mechanism, it is extremely easy to install and remove. You can shorten its height by removing its pods like classic watch bands. It is in molds that are fully compatible with your devices. Your watch fits your style.

highlights of the product
  • Quality steel material
  • Stylish and aesthetic appearance
  • Butterfly lock mechanism
  • Easy application
  • Long service life
Cord length measure
Cord standard size 240mm by removing and shrinking the pods 180mm can be shortened. You can get extra pod kit for thicker wrists from our site. In addition, the spare lock mechanism is available in my advertisements.
The one that appears in the ad Apple Watch is representative. The product you ordered; Equivalent watch for Apple Watchkordonudur. Please note that when ordering, the Apple Watch watch is not included in the listing!
For cord size adjustment!
The cord can be reduced by removing the pins, as in classic watches. You can use this yourself by removing pins or shrinking them in 1.2 minutes in watch workshops.Special needles come out of the box to remove the pods.

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