Royal Editon Band

Compatible with Apple Watch and Apple Watch Ultra, the Royal Edition band with a brushed steel look, designed with an elegant touch, fits perfectly into both sports and classic styles. This special cord can be easily attached and disassembled thanks to its butterfly buckle design and offers a practical experience to the user. Made with quality materials, this band combines durability and elegance.


This band, which has been carefully considered in every detail, offers a heavy and luxurious style and gives a special feeling to its user. An ideal option to personalize your watch and add a sophisticated touch to your daily style, the Royal Edition band offers a wide range of uses from your daily life to special events.


While its brushed steel surface offers an eye-catching shine and aesthetics, it provides ease of use thanks to its butterfly buckle. This band is designed to complement your elegance in every environment, from sportswear to elegant invitations. It is Apple Watch and Apple Watch Ultra compatible, ensuring it works in perfect harmony with your device.


The Royal Edition band stands out as a functional and elegant accessory that is compatible with the dynamics of modern life, offering its users style and comfort together. This lanyard, with every detail specially designed, gives its users the pleasure of a stylish and durable accessory produced with quality materials.