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Benks V Pro Ultra Shield iPhone 15 Series Screen Protector

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Phone Model: iPhone 15 Pro Max
Benks V Pro Ultra Shield Screen Protector, specially designed for iPhone 15 Pro Max / 15 Pro / 15 Plus / 15 users, combines unique protection and excellent image quality. Thanks to its sensitive and smooth surface, you can feel your touches naturally. Featuring high-quality reinforced glass quality standards, this screen protector offers an uninterrupted viewing experience that is fully compatible with the 120 Hz screen refresh rate. Its curved-edged structure covers every part of your screen, providing full-range protection. While its 0.3mm thin structure maintains touch sensitivity, the tempered glass material adds extra durability. Vacuum electroplated coating prevents fingerprints and smudges, keeping your screen clean and clear at all times. This protector, which has successfully passed more than 5000 scratch tests, can be easily applied without dust and air bubbles thanks to its easy application tool. If you want to not only protect your iPhone 15 Pro Max's screen but add a touch of elegance to it, Benks V Pro Ultra Shield is a great option.
It is very easy to apply. A special application tool is included in the box. You can clean the screen of your device, place it in the application bracket and align it comfortably and easily. It has a structure that does not leave bubbles.
  • fit mold
  • Fully adhesive
  • Application apparatus
  • Anti-scratch and anti-impact
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The iPhone shown in the ad is a representation of the phone . The product you ordered; It is a screen protector for Apple iPhone. When ordering, please note that Apple iPhone is not included in the listing!
Benks V Pro Ultra Shield iPhone 15 Serisi Ekran Koruyucu  Benks
Regular price 759.90TL
Regular price Sale price 759.90TL