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Apple Watch Compatible Belize Case Protective Band Rose Gold

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Choose your watch size: 44mm
Apple watch compatible Rose Gold case protective bracelet is made of quality steel material. You can use it by placing your apple watch in the protective case. It is designed in such a way that you can use all the features of your watch comfortably while it is inside the case. You can easily control the sensors of your watch, the digtal crown and key.
Apple watch offers a very simple use with its bracelet integrated into the case protector design. The product gives your watch a distinctive style. A stylish aesthetic and modern image emerges. It makes it look as if you are using a classic watch. The product is made of steel material. It has gained the appearance of brushed metal by going through special processes after production.
It has an easily detachable butterfly lock mechanism. Before using the product, you should use the special silicone case that comes out of the box by attaching it to your watch. After placing your watch in the protective case, you can start using it by attaching the screws thanks to the screwdriver in the box.
There is a case protector application video at the end of the product images. You can start using the product easily by watching the video.
Apple watch series with ECG feature cannot use this feature in the case.

product highlights
  • Quality steel material
  • Stylish and aesthetic appearance
  • butterfly lock mechanism
  • Easy application
  • Long lifetime
Warning !
Appel watch shown in the ad is a representation of the watch . The product you order; Protective case band for apple watch. When ordering, please note that the Apple watch is not included in the listing!
Regular price 3,699.90TL
Regular price Sale price 3,699.90TL