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Apple Watch Compatible Band Charm Charm Hope

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Colour: gold
Apple Watch compatible Band Ornament Hope Charm is produced using Alloy metal. The products are coated first with copper, Acid Copper, Silver, Lacquer and finally with color. You can use our charm lanyard accessories at sea and in water. It is resistant to tarnishing.
charm lanyard When using decorative accessories, do not come into contact with perfume, disinfectant or alcoholic substances. Our products are antiallergic.

  • special alloy metal
  • Five-step coating
  • Waterproof and sea resistant
  • Easy application
Compatible Band Models

Warning !
The Apple Watch appearing in the ad is a representation. The product you ordered; It is a charm accessory for Apple Watch band. When ordering, please note that the Apple Watch is not included in the listing!
Regular price 289.90TL
Regular price Sale price 289.90TL