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Bicord Sapphire Lens Protector for iPhone 15 Series

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Phone Model: iPhone 15 Pro Max
Colour: Natural
Produced with sapphire quality, this lens protector is designed with a fully compatible mold for the iPhone 15 Pro Max / iPhone 15 Pro / iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus series. Thanks to its high-quality material, it offers extra protection to your lens, but is designed with a minimal size so it does not spoil the original aesthetics of your phone. This special lens protector, which does not cause reflection or glare, does not cause any loss of quality in your photos and videos. It also provides a perfect fit without bulking up the lens part, so it's almost impossible to tell the protector is on. It is designed in the same color as your device, so it adds to the stylish look of your phone. It is not obvious that the lens protector is installed, so your phone always has a stylish and aesthetic appearance. The lens section is also compatible with open cases, so you can use the case and lens protector together without any problems. You can mount it in seconds with its easy application feature. This lens protector for the iPhone 15 series is a great option to add both style and protection to your phone's camera.
It is very easy to apply. It comes out of the box with a special device built into it. You can clean the lenses of your device, place them on your lens protectors and align them comfortably and easily. It has a structure that does not leave bubbles.
  • fit mold
  • sapphire glass
  • Anti-scratch and anti-impact
  • Easy application apparatus
Warning !
The iPhone shown in the ad is a representation of the phone . The product you ordered; It is a screen protector for Apple iPhone. When ordering, please note that Apple iPhone is not included in the listing!!
Regular price 489.90TL
Regular price Sale price 489.90TL