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Benks V-Pro iPhone 14 Series Screen Protector

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Phone Model: iPhone 14 Pro Max
Benks V-pro iPhone 14, Pro, Max, Ultra Screen Protector protects your devices from external impacts and scratches. The screen protector does not reflect due to its structure. Its dimensions are perfectly compatible with your devices. The screensaver covers the entire screen of your device. Since the bottom of the screen protector is fully adhesive, loss of touch sensitivity is minimized.
It is very easy to apply. A special application apparatus comes out of the box. You can clean the screen of your device, place it in the application apparatus and align it easily and easily. It has a bubble-free structure.
prominent features
  • fit mold
  • full adhesive
  • Anti-scratch and anti-impact
  • Easy application apparatus
Warning !
It is a representation of the iPhone that appears in the ad. The product you order; Screen protector for Apple iPhone. When ordering, please note that the Apple iPhone is not included in the listing!
Benks V-Pro iPhone 14 Serisi Ekran Koruyucu  Benks
Regular price 618.90TL
Regular price Sale price 618.90TL