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Youngkit Gezhi Kevlar iPhone 14 Pro Magsafe compatible Brown Case

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Youngkit Gezhi was created with a minimalist, low profile and elegant design approach. iPhone 14 Pro Kevlar Brown case was inspired by city adventurers. YOUNGKIT designers took the lightweight Kevlar® material commonly used in military, aerospace and luxury consumer fields and transformed it into simple and advanced super eye-catching cases. The inherent properties of 1500D Kevlar® fiber allow the sleeve to effectively dissipate and absorb impact energy. Inspired by military standards, this case withstands extreme temperatures, harsh conditions and harsh environments, keeping your equipment safe and functional. Known for its advanced composite construction, 1500D Kevlar® offers a unique combination of strength and lightweight design for superior protection without adding bulk to your phone.
We work to make our resources 100% recyclable, thus contributing to protecting our planet. Choose YOUNGKIT; Because this case not only reflects minimalist elegance, but also superior craftsmanship, advanced materials and our commitment to environmental responsibility.
The design of the case is designed to protect your camera lenses. Considering that you can wear a lens protector while using the case, the necessary space has been left. IMD double-layer HD printing is done on the case.

  • 1500D Kevlar fiber material
  • Fingerprint-free design
  • Magsafe compatible
  • Stylish and aesthetic design
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The iPhone shown in the ad is a representation of the phone . The product you ordered; It is a protective case for Apple iPhone devices. When ordering, please note that the iPhone phone is not included in the listing!
Regular price 3,510.90TL
Regular price Sale price 3,510.90TL