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Benks Kevlar Fiber Magsafe Compatible iPhone 14 Pro Max Case

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Benks iPhone 14 Pro Max compatible Kevlar fiber case stands out with its extremely robust, lightweight, thin and stylish design. Dupond brand Kevlar fiber product was used in the construction of the sheath. Thanks to its material structure, it is ultra-light, robust and thin. It has a mold that is perfectly compatible with your iPhone 14 Pro Max device. Thanks to the special plate on the inside of the case, you can use it with all magsafe compatible devices.
The case is also magsafe compatible and Apple (Made for Magsafe) is certified. You can use the case with any screen protector. The camera section is left open so that you can use it with your lens protectors. The camera part of the case was raised and contact with the ground was cut off on a flat surface, preventing lens scratches.

prominent features
  • Quality Kevlar fiber material
  • Dupond material
  • Stylish, slim and aesthetic design
Warning !
It is a representation of the iPhone that appears in the ad. The product you order; Protective case for Apple iPhone devices. When ordering, please note that the iPhone is not included in the listing!
Regular price 4,363.90TL
Regular price Sale price 4,363.90TL