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Youngkit Kevlar iPhone 15 Pro Max Magsafe Compatible Gray Edged Case

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Youngkit Kevlar Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max compatible Gray edge case is an extremely stylish and durable case with special edge technology that absorbs shock. The case is made of highly protective and high quality Kevlar material. The product is Apple magsafe compatible and provides a very strong hold.
The special edges of the cover designed by Youngkit absorb 95% of the shock in case of falls. Integrity has been achieved by using Yellow color suitable for your device on the specially designed edges. Thanks to its high quality material, it does not slip while holding it in your hand. The button sections on the case allow you to get a very sensitive response. It feels like you are pressing your own button.
The design of the case is designed to protect your camera lenses. Considering that you can wear a lens protector while using the case, the necessary space has been left. IMD double-layer HD printing is done on the case.

  • Quality Kevlar material
  • Corner and side protection
  • Stylish and aesthetic design
  • colored edges
Warning !
The iPhone shown in the ad is a representation of the phone . The product you ordered; It is a protective case for Apple iPhone devices. When ordering, please note that the iPhone phone is not included in the listing!
Regular price 3,508.90TL
Regular price Sale price 3,508.90TL