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Wiwu Power Air 4in1 magsafe compatible Apple Watch, Airpods, Airpods Pro, iPhone and Apple Pencil 1 generation charger offers 15w charging support. You can wirelessly charge your iPhone and Airpods devices with wireless charging feature. It has a special design developed for your iPhone 12 and later magsafe devices. You can use your phones vertically or horizontally in the Magsafe charging section.
A special section has been added so that you can charge your Apple Pencil 1 generation pen on the stand. When using the product, you must use it with an 18w and above charger. The charger does not come out of the box. The stand has Type C charging port. There is a charging stand and a USB to USB C charging cable in the box. In order to use the 15w charging feature, it is recommended to use an 18w or higher charger.

prominent features
  • Quality steel and ABS material
  • Multiple charging possibilities
  • 15w charging support
Warning !
Representation of Apple Watch, Airpods and iPhone and Apple Pencil appearing in the ad. The product you order; It is a wireless charging stand. When ordering, please note that Apple Watch, Airpods earphones, iPhone and Apple Pencil are not included in the listing!

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