iPhone 14 Plus

iPhone 14 Plus case models are presented to you with exclusive products that will reflect the quality of the Apple brand. It is designed to personalize the device, which has achieved high sales rates, without harming its elegance and splendor. In addition to the appearance and usage benefits they provide, they also have protective properties.

iPhone 14 Plus Case Models

iPhone 14 Plus case models are offered as Premium quality . It has many alternatives in terms of color and style and can be used in full harmony with devices . In this way, any negative experience during use is prevented. The use of quality materials ensures longevity and also helps the device not to slip out of hand.

iPhone 14 Plus cases also offer you protective features without overshadowing the appearance of the device. These features are provided by design and material preferences.

iPhone 14 Plus Case Features

Our iPhone 14 Plus case models will support the development of your device in many ways and for you to experience a more comfortable use. Being fully compatible with devices , it ensures that all functions and keys continue to be used without any problems, while also providing better comfort. In addition, it does not harm the appearance of the device and supports the use of the preferred print or color in full harmony with the device.

iPhone 14 Plus case models also stand out with their protection features. One of the most striking of these is its ability to withstand falls . Thanks to this feature, the user, who is freed from the harm caused by this risk, also relaxes mentally. This feature, which is provided with a special edge design, is also very effective in keeping the device stylish. This design provides a shock absorbing feature and the risk of damage to the device in case of falling of the device is reduced to a lower level. The lens protection feature prevents the camera area from being damaged in case of any impact or fall. If desired, this situation can be supported with extra accessories.

Exclusive Products with Bikordon Difference

As the Bikordon family for iPhone 14 Plus case models, we work with world-famous brands such as Benks, Wiwu and Youngkit. We bring you the exclusive products of quality brands in a way that befits Apple quality. We have a wide selection of alternatives in our category for users who do not compromise on style and quality.