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Smart watches are wearable computers. Today, modern technology transforming technology into wearable accessories also changes the vision in design. Bikordon company offers wearable technology in smart watches beyond the latest designs. Technology means thinking beyond the present and taking steps towards the future. Smart watches are the most current examples of these steps. Mini computers, which are more than just a watch worn on the wrist, benefit their users in many areas of life. Of course, while fashion and design have shown themselves in every aspect of life, developments are also possible for smart watches. Since the moment it was founded, Bikordon company has always turned smart watches into elegance on the wrist with its designs aimed at innovation and development.

The Only Brand in Turkey

Bikordon company was founded by Kenan Karataş in 2019. Kenan Karataş, the founder of Karataş Technology Company, established the Bikordon brand after being in the sector for 15 years. The company designs, produces and sells accessories for Apple Watch smart watch products. In this regard, it is the only online store in Turkey. Even though the brand has only been established for a few years, its basis is experience, a meticulous team and an expert perspective. Watches and straps require fineness, care, and sensitivity to human health. Kenan Karataş's knowledge and experience manifests itself in Bikordon with the most accurate approaches and customer satisfaction.

Product Diversity and Quality at Bikordon

Bikordon has been working based on experience, customer satisfaction and quality service since the first day it was founded. Watches are products that are used in daily life and are in contact with the skin. The fact that we carry these technological devices, especially those integrated with computer systems, in every aspect of life brings quality to the fore. At Bikordon, the most special accessories are produced for all Apple Watch smart watch series. The variety of cords that fit all series are designed to revive the stagnant energy of life. Special and high-quality cords, including steel, leather, braid, silicone and ceramic, are available in our store. The cords, each of which is divided into dozens of types, are produced and put into service according to all quality standards.

Bikordon accessories compatible with the Apple Watch series are available in the store with models that bring together the past and the present, energetic and fun models with colorful prints, vintage steel models for those who can never break away from the classics, and many more. Bikordon, which has always been in favor of the sensitivity of a watch band with experience, always achieves harmony with the skin. It is one step ahead in production with products that are non-allergic, do not harm the skin, do not cause sweating and can be easily cleaned.

In addition to Apple Watch bands, which are unique in Turkey, the company also produces chargers with various features. At the same time, airtags, bumpers, charms, screen protectors and travel bags are among Bikordon's carefully produced and frequently preferred products. Chargers are one of the most frequently followed products in all technological developments today. As a result of the increasing use of watches, tablets and phones in every field, devices that can charge smart watches even while in the car are produced only by Bikordon. In order to be able to access the charging feature from anywhere at any time and not to be disconnected from life even for a moment, Bikordon advocates quality and future-oriented work in devices.

Roland Brand in Laser Printing

100% calfskin is used in leather bands, and each band produced complies with quality standards and passes tests. Laser UV printing machines are used in order not to compromise on quality in cords that do not contain any substances harmful to human health. The highest quality prints are created with Roland brand laser UV printing machines. With the variety of paints of Japanese origin, all factors harmful to human health are avoided. With devices and dyes that process quality at every point of the bands, Bikordon produces products that both care for human health and are worthy of the Apple Watch quality.

Promoting Accessories Through Social Media

Bikordon company's production of accessories and straps for Apple continues without losing its focus on customer satisfaction. It makes online shopping as easy as possible by making use of technology, considering the satisfaction of the users, their perspective, and their ability to buy the right product. Users can choose the right products as a result of product videos shot on YouTube. Using 3D technology, the compatibility of the straps is shown with appropriate prints for each case. In this way, the user can see the image of his dreams in the video that would best suit his watch case, color and design.

It is possible to access all combinations not only on YouTube but also through social media channels. It is possible to examine the most special accessories that can suit a watch, such as the harmony of the bands with the series, the combination of colors, and charm, on the Instagram account. It is extremely easy to reach the company through channels such as YouTube, Instagram, WhatsApp, submit suggestions and complaints, and get combination samples. With years of experience, it is possible to make the use of smart watches stylish and elegant, as well as comfortable and fun. At the same time, it is extremely easy to set and order the band size that best suits your wrist from the band measurement section on the Bikordon website.

Warranty and Return

Bikordon company is the only online store in Turkey that produces accessories for Apple Watch watches. It works to sell the right products with the understanding of reliable sales, customer satisfaction, service and quality. Therefore, in case of any problems with the products, it is possible to return or exchange them free of charge. Bikordon company, which avoids harming the nature with its cargo boxes and packaging papers produced by recycling, prioritizes customer satisfaction above all else.