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Apple Watch Compatible Bias Silicone Loop Band Vista

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Choose Your Cord Size: 38 - 40 - 41mm
Apple watch compatible Bias silicone Loop Vista band is designed from durable soft surface silicone material. It reveals a different style thanks to its self-cross pattern and double bridge cord design. Thanks to its soft, soft structure, it does not cause discomfort in skin contact. It is in molds that are perfectly compatible with Apple watch models.

Brings a new look to your watch. You can use it for a long time thanks to its quality silicone. The buckle on the watch band is made of TPU material.

product highlights
  • Good quality silicone band
  • Stylish and aesthetic appearance
  • Easy application
  • Long lifetime
Warning !
It is a representation of the Apple Watch that appears in the ad. The product you order; It is the equivalent watch band for the Apple Watch. When ordering, please note that the Apple Watch is not included in the listing!
Regular price 329.90TL
Regular price Sale price 329.90TL