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Mcdodo CH-7060 Wireless Charger 15w 3in1 White

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Clock Series: Watch 7 - 8 Series
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Mcdodo Apple Watch compatible, iPhone models that support wireless charging and Airpods charging dock offer 3in1 15w charging support. You can use your devices that support wireless charging wirelessly. There is a USB C charging cable in the box. In order to use fast charging, it is recommended to use a 2A or higher charger, such as 18w-20w. Polycarbonate and abs plastic are used in the device design. To use the Apple watch, you must plug in its original charging cable. There is no apple watch charging cable in the box.
Input: QC/PD 18-36W
Output: 15w/10w/7.5/5w

prominent features
  • Quality silicone plastic material
  • Multiple charging possibilities
  • Fast charging support
Warning !
Appearing in the ad is a representation of Apple Watch, Airpods and iPhone . The product you order; It is a wireless charging stand. When ordering, please note that Apple Watch, Airpods earphones and iPhone phone are not included in the listing!
Regular price 1,399.90TL
Regular price Sale price 1,399.90TL