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Artoncase iPhone 14 Plus Magsafe Transparent Thin Non-yellowing Case

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Artoncase Apple iPhone 14 Plus compatible transparent case is made of extremely thin pc material. Thanks to its PC material structure, it is ultra-light, robust and thin. It has a mold that is perfectly compatible with your iPhone 14 Plus device. The case also offers magsafe feature. 
PC material never turns yellow. You can use it for a long time without worrying about yellowing. Camera sections are designed to protect your lens. You don't need to buy an extra lens protector. The lens protector can be removed if desired. When it is removed, the lens glasses are exposed, but your lens frame remains protected.
Note: Not suitable for use with devices fitted with a lens protector. Its molds are perfectly compatible with devices without lens protectors.

prominent features
  • Quality PC material
  • Non-yellowing sheath
  • Stylish, slim and aesthetic design
Warning !
It is a representation of the iPhone that appears in the ad. The product you order; Protective case for Apple iPhone devices. When ordering, please note that the iPhone is not included in the listing!
Regular price 499.00TL
Regular price Sale price 499.00TL