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Wiwu M16 Apple Watch Compatible Magnetic Charger

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Magnetic charger for Wiwu M16 Apple Watch carries 2.5w power. It is very easy to carry with its small and compact size. Thanks to the 2.5w charging support, you can charge your watch in about 2 hours.

It has strong magnet. It does not heat up while charging. The input of the product is lightning supported. You can use it with the charging cables of your devices such as iPhone iPad. It prevents possible dangers with high current, high voltage, over temperature and short circuit protection. It is CE certified. It has an aluminum frame.
Note: There is no cable in the box. You can use the product with your Apple Lightning cables.

prominent features
  • quality material
  • compact design
  • Easy portability
  • 2.5w charging support
Warning !
It is a representation of the Apple Watch that appears in the ad. The product you order; It is the equivalent charger for the Apple Watch. When ordering, please note that the Apple Watch is not included in the listing!
Regular price 866.90TL
Regular price Sale price 866.90TL