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Benks King Kong Corning iPhone 15 Series Compatible Lens Protector

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Phone Model: iPhone 15 Pro Max
Colour: Natural
Designed to best protect your Benks King Kong iPhone 15 series, this camera lens protector has a design that has been awarded the "Glass 2" certificate by the American Corning Gorilla Glass Company and provides superior protection against breakage. The product is made of high-quality tempered glass material, ensuring that your lens lasts for a long time without being broken, scratched or affected by dust. Thanks to its high-resolution design, it does not cause any loss in the quality of your photos and videos and does not block your view. Additionally, it keeps your lens safe against sudden spills with its effective protection against liquids. It provides complete protection by tightly gripping all camera lenses. You can use your iPhone 15 series safely with this camera lens protector, which combines aesthetics, durability and functionality.
It is very easy to apply. It comes out of the box with a special device built into it. You can clean the lenses of your device, place them on your lens protectors and align them comfortably and easily. It has a structure that does not leave bubbles. Thanks to its special design, it adheres to your lens and allows you to protect your lens without making it thicker or rougher.
  • fit mold
  • Gorilla Glass 2 certified
  • Anti-scratch and anti-impact
  • Easy application device
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Regular price 813.90TL
Regular price Sale price 813.90TL