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Apple Watch Compatible Striped Band

Apple Watch compatible Striped band series, carefully produced for daily life, will reveal the elegance on the wrist. With the Apple Watch, one of today's most special technological devices, it is not possible to lag behind in life. Of course, it is possible to protect such a special device with the help of necessary accessories and apparatus for long-term use. While protecting the watches, it is also possible to make them more attractive and fun with small color changes. It is now easier to color Apple smart watches, which are increasingly used in daily life, in accordance with social life. For this reason, the Striped band series produced by Bikordon Apple smart watches as the only online accessory sales company in Turkey attracts the attention of all Apple users.

Striped Cord with Silicone Aesthetics

It is now easier to color the Apple Watch series with different and special band options. Especially the cords produced with silicone material combine aesthetics, elegance and comfort in harmony with the skin. Sensitive skin is also considered with the production of non-sweaty and non-itchy material during use. The cords produced with LSR silicone material reveal that there can be elegance on the wrist as well. The cord will always be an inseparable part of daily life with its dirt-repellent structure and easy-to-clean feature.

Striped Band Compatible with Apple Watch Series

Striped bands, which are both high quality, reliable and comfortable thanks to their metal buckles, are also compatible with Apple Watch devices. Compatible with 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8 and SE and Ultra models manufactured by Apple. Wrist measurement settings can be made easily via the Bikordon website. Thus, the selection of the most accurate cord is ensured. Striped cords, which do not disturb the skin with their soft texture, can also be used safely.

Striped Series with the Most Special Colors

With its ease of use, quality material and ease of access, the Striped band series Bikordon awaits all Apple users. 16 different colors and tones have been carefully designed for Apple fans. Choosing the most suitable cord for your style is very easy and reliable. Among the most preferred colors are Celestial, Cairns, Regal, Princess and Scat.